Jesus came to be the Savior of the world, and when He did come, He built His Church. The
Creator, Sustainer and all wise ruler of the universe did not establish the U.N., the NFL, WHO, WTO,
the Federal Reserve, or any other so called essential organization. One man came, lived among us in His
role as the Messiah for 3 years, and forever changed the landscape of human existence. We may have all
of the above listed groups, but without the Church they are meaningless as far as the future and eternal
welfare of mankind is concerned.
     At its beginning and for centuries since, the followers of Christ have understood the Church to be
the assembly of the saints of God. Though it is not a corporation but people and Spirit, it can not exist
without it being assembled. It can not function, express the will of God, nor stand against this present
darkness unless it is come together. Its members can not be the Church without their assembly. It is this
assembly gathered here and gathered there throughout the world that God promised power over death
and hell.
     The Church, purchased by the blood of Jesus, Acts 20:28, has been mercilessly persecuted down
through all ages of men. Today it is disregarded as irrelevant by our own Congress and Supreme Court,
as well as by all of our public places of education, by science, the media, and even by many who call
themselves Christian! Yet, the true church is not a corporation or a denomination. It is the living body of
      It is made up of imperfect men, not unlike every other assembly of men since time began. But it
is her head which makes her what she is. And it is the faith and obedience of her members which
releases that glory. She has been known since her first generation as loveless, persecuted, compromising,
corrupt, dead, faithful, and lukewarm. Her constitution recognizes her existence in real terms, with real
problems, and real solutions. As such, her members have real responsibilities. If the church has such a
high calling (the highest), such a dignity, such a responsibility, such power and authority, and so much
hangs in the balance, how ought the Church to be regarded?
      The world will not regard the Church for its position of honor and nobility. But that’s no reason
for Christians not to. It’s folly to attempt to force the U.N., Congress, the schools, or the media to
embrace the glory of the Church and of Christ. Not only will they not respond to Christian’s
complaining, but God doesn’t intend for it to happen that way. Yes, we have degenerated in America to
the place of freedom from religion where the free exercise thereof is denied in violation of the
Constitution and it’s framers intent. But the power to establish the Kingdom of God does not reside in
the Supreme Court of the United States but in the Supreme Court of each and every member of the
Church. It is here we must decide to move heavenly principalities and powers aside, for they are the
source of opposition, not mere humanism.
      America exists as a nation because of the power of the Church. Our government’s tenants were
formed upon the lifestyle of covenant, selfless Christian principles. Heaven is populated by the efforts of
no other organization on earth. Yet today, one quarter of a million Christians are martyred for the faith.
200 million Christians in 60 are facing persecution. More than 50,000 in North Korea and thousands in
China are in prison because of their faith. As the dead religious world crucified Christ, so today it is with
the Church because she has the answer to mankind’s woes. Throughout the history of mankind, no war
has taken more lives from any nation or people group than has the Church endured. Yet it is the Church
that is the bride of Christ the Creator.
      He will be seen in the Church for what He is! He wants to be all He is through His Church unto
every power, authority, every enemy, every lost soul, every trembling sinner, how great that our God is!
It’s not merely about miracles of healing, deliverances. He wants to reveal His glory in us. Is not that
a big enough vision?!
      To this end Paul prays that we be rooted in love, in revelation, with a strong spirit, and with
the fulness of God, without which all of this can not happen.
     So I call you this day to step up and be the Church. Step up to your rightful position of
worship to move, not the hand of men, but the hand of God. Step up and let your life be established in
the authority of faith, obedience, vision, prayer, purity and expect God to come down. “God, grant us the
revelation of our calling in hope, our riches of glory, and of your power. Lord, show Your power.
Glorify yourself in us.”
God's Purpose For Your Church  -  Dec. 20th, 2009
The Power Of A Godly Vision -  Dec. 13th, 2009
The reason that so many people have lost their holiness is because they have lost their identity and their vision. When we don't know we are a special people with a special purpose then the motivation to live holy leaves. When you have a visionary revelation from God about what your life is about, a goal that is worth something, then you will gladly pay the price of holiness. Where there is no vision people perish. God keep the vision alive in us. Remember the stones in the Jordan. Remember where God brought you through. He did it because He has a plan for you.
     The Lord has promised that if would seek the Lord that He would heal us and
heal our land. He promised to turn back our captivity. He said that He has an expected
end, a plan for us that we would walk in if we would seek Him.
     Nearly 2/3 of the men in America have had at least one affair in the past 30 years.
Broken and chaotic families in conflict are destroying our child resources. Emotional
problems among teens is off the charts, as is their sexual promiscuity. The inability to
maintain healthy family and church relationships is going to absolutely devastate
America in a pool of dysfunctional people.
     The tragedy of this is that many Christians simply use all of the bad news as religious
entertainment. They pass on the shocking facts, suck their teeth at the plight of our nation, using them for little more than entertaining tidbits of secular ignorance, and then do nothing. If there is one thing that will change our nation it is the Church returning to God with their whole heart. Our nation doesn’t need to hear more about God, it needs to experience Him. It needs the anointing of God.
     Most people seek God conditionally. I’ll come here and seek the Lord as long as
there are no problems and people don’t give me a bad time. I’ll seek the Lord here as long as I get my way. But if I find people that I don’t like, that don’t live their lives the way I think that they should then I’m out of here. The reality is that when God is the reason for our existence and our quest and not people, then we’re going to go somewhere. Of such we need if we will see God change our nation.  Any church that takes II Chronicles 7:14 seriously can have a revival.
The Heart of Revival - Seeking God - Dec. 6th, 2009.
When God Visits - Dec. 27th, 2009
    The holocaust during World War II took approximately one third of the Jewish nation.  Having visited the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalm I can tell you that it's impact is devastating to this day.  I found myself asking why God allowed it.  As I perused the various opinions I realized that I was asking the wrong question.  The real question is why did we allow it.  Why did Germany allow it?  Why did the U.S. wait so long to get involved?
    Yet there is another holocaust going on this very minute.  Over 53 million people die every year world wide.  Approximately 40% claim Christianity as their religion.  If indeed all of those are born again disciples of Jesus Christ, then over 30 million people every year are going to hell.  That's a holocaust that makes the other look like a Sunday School picnic.  (No offense intended towards Israel, yet this holocaust is an eternal one!)  The best question remains - are we allowing it?
Overcome Anger & Frustration - Nov. 22, 2009
     These messages begin with 2 sermons dealing with overcoming anger and walking in the power of peace.  Many people struggle with a holy life simply because they haven't learned to get control of their anger.  The American Medical Association has put smoking, poor diet, and anger at the top of the list of killers today.  When we allow our anger to rule in our hearts what we are doing is cooperating with our 'enemies' desire to destroy us.  He doesn't have to do anything more.  We will ruin our own lives with our anger.
    This message may well be one of the major life changers for you.  The foundation for the revival that God has been giving us at Cornerstone began with learning how to be refreshed with peace.  Without establishing peace in our lives revival may well rise up only to be destroyed by hidden areas of anger and frustration.  Satan would like nothing better than to allow us to walk in God's blessings for a season and then crush it all with these hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) areas of emotional control.
The Power of Peace - Nov. 29th, 2009
     The measure of a person's devotion to God may be measure by the amount of peace in their lives.  Peace is the atmosphere of a person who is walking right with God.  Without peace there are few temptations that can be overcome.  People must come to understand that obtaining peace is more important than getting our own way.  The reason people are often not at peace with others is because they are not at peace with themselves.  For some churches peace may merely be defined by those glorious moments in their history when everyone stands around reloading.  I believe that many families are dysfunctional, children are labeled with disorders, and Christians struggle with sin because peace is not in their hearts.
     After listening to this message you may want to view and copy down the scriptures on peace.  You may need to focus on them for several days or weeks until they become a part of you.
"Though you are but a seed in your own eyes, the power that you ‘mine’ out of your insignificance in your own eyes will be the greatness that spreads from you. You have been defensive, frightened, judgmental, and jealous of anything outside of yourself because you have not recognized the power of your smallness. But through your minute size you will find the keys of greatness that you may spread throughout the world. For the ‘sleeping giant’ of My people does not rest in the mega churches but in the thousands of small groups who also need to discover the greatness in the seed that they carry. I can only make you great by keeping you small until you learn the secret of greatness. You may have always thought that greatness would validate you and establish well being, respect and esteem. You may have always wanted, yes lusted after great esteem. You may be ashamed when your numbers are small. But you must learn to glory in the midst of your smallness. Your size must become as nothing, and it must ever remain that way. That will become your safety in greatness."
The Power of God's Eye On You - Jan. 3rd, 2010
When you're angry & thinking about quitting - listen to this message!  It will set you free!
“On earth as it is in heaven,” is a mighty prayer. It is an awesome expectation. Forgive us
for having watered it down. It is revival in all that God among us, Immanuel, could possibly
mean. Don't just pray the words. Seek their exact expression on earth. “May we love You as
You’re loved in heaven. May we be pure as heaven's saints. May we obey You as in heaven.
May we worship as in heaven. May there be only as much sickness, as much despair, as in
heaven. May there be as much faith as in heaven. We ask for the same peace, the same humility,
and the same joy. May we have hallowed Your name lest our prayers become mere words
instead of sure expectations. ”
 On Earth As It Is In Heaven - Jan. 10th, 2010
     Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou
knowest not. We’ve tried to be sold out, living with all of our hearts, loving others as ourselves
and words, efforts and sermons aren’t enough. Prophecy isn’t enough. Our attempts to respond
haven’t even been enough. Some of us have tried to bury ourselves in the Bible, in specific
‘hobby horse’ ministries, or some special church ministries that have left us burned out. None of
it has worked right.
     You are called to show to the principle enemies of humanity the redemptive power of the
risen Christ who is able to put His Spirit within man! You are to show forth the power of God
against sin and Satan. I pray that we may come to the place where the many daily life challenges
and problems finds us responding by the Holy Ghost and in no way reacting out of how we
feel, how we fear, how we are angry, or how we are despondent. May our day not be defined
by our circumstances, our finances, our friends, our problems, our things, our failures, or our
enemies. May our mood, our perspective, our determinations, our thoughts and words be defined
by the power of Christ within us.
     Part of our identity is to influence instead of being influenced by our environment. We are
here to rule, not to be ruled by darkness. We are light. May we recognize in every situation
that we are there to bless and overcome instead of being overcome. Jesus would never go into a
situation with any mind set that He needed to see what would happen before He could tell you
what kind of a day He would have. He was not subject to the world around Him. He went in to
change it, not to be changed by it. And though there were times that there was such unbelief that
He could not do much, yet who He was would not change one bit because of the world. We too
may not change the atmosphere in the room too much, but neither need we be subject to its
darkness. When you’re light there is no darkness if you will be the light that you are..
The Results of Seeking God - Jan. 24th, 2010
What happened when God’s people sought Him with all of their hearts?
They came back from captivity in Babylon - a vicious people who would kill your
children in front of you and then burn your eyes out so that was the last thing you ever saw on
earth. A prosperous people who did not need your wealth, so they cared little for you.
But Daniel sought the Lord three times every day. A God troubled the king of this
mighty land with dreams. So mighty and feared this king, that all of his court who could not
interpret his dreams would die. But Daniel said, “I can do it.” How could he? He was a man
who sought God.
God will trouble those who are around you because you’re there. Saul was riding to
Damascus to persecute the Church, but the Church was praying and God knocked that man off of
his horse and made a Christian out of him. Your greatest tormentors God can take and make
great men out of them!
When you’re seeking God, God will trouble people. He’ll mess with them. The three
Hebrew children were God fearing men and the host of the King’s men were troubled and set
forth a decree that all men should worship the King. They were troubled by God because God
was picking a fight with them.
What happened when Moses sought the Lord? His face shown with a glory that Paul
said is nothing compared to the glory given to us in the Spirit.
When Jesus and his disciples went up the mountain to seek the Lord these men saw the
glorified Christ. Why was this account given? It was given to show us that there is a glory, a
wonderful and powerful presence to be attained by those who ascend the mountain of the Lord.
I’m telling you that seeking the Lord is the heart of obedience in salvation itself. Those
who seek the Lord find eternal life. Those who don’t will not find such. Seeking Him is what
brings the reward of God. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!
Right of passage into any place in our life here on earth is determined by our seeking the
Lord. When Israel failed in their endeavor they were booted to Babylon. The same has
happened with the church in the 20th century. When we failed to seek the Lord as we should we
became subject to the power of spiritual Babylon, the world system. It was this seeking of the
Lord that God told them centuries before would be the foundation of their recovery, Deut. 4:29.
Seeking the Lord has always been the foundation of establishment, longevity, and recovery.
You may say, “I was baptized. I went to church. I taught Sunday School. I was as good a person
as the next man.” But did you seek the Lord with all of your heart? Have you ever spent a day
of your life trying to warn your own family about the horror of hell? Maybe you never wept for
the Christ who died for the sins of the world, yet whose Name was a curse word more often than
a comfort when life fell hard on you. It’s time to seek the Lord.
The Right of Passage & Recovery - Jan. 31st, 2010
      God will turn the captivity of those who seek the Lord in their addictions, bondages, fears,
and despair. This He is NOW promising me by His Holy Spirit to declare to you.
      Listen, God will do profound things through you the moment you start believing in such a
way that life priorities start changing. You have awesome potential. God wants to show himself
through you. People will start having supernatural encounters with God because you are
there. You have a need for God's glory. You have been created to carry His glory. Ezekiel
showed that the cheribim in heaven are examples of your calling as they carry the glory of God.
      Start seeking first the Kingdom of God, not the faith that He will meet your needs, nor
the answer to those needs themselves. Stand courageously and seek His Kingdom, and you will
know the provision of God who seeks to make sure that you have all that you need to do your job
- bringing the Holy Spirit to others.
The Reward of Seeking God's Righteousness - Feb. 14th, 2010
The Continuing Call of God - Feb. 21st, 2010
     The test of a true seekerof God is the ability to rest in the One who can help whether by many or
few. Will we trust Him when we are out resourced?
     We get intimidated before men. We fear them instead of the Lord. We’re afraid to speak
about God, to be a witness for Him of the things we have seen and experienced. So we need to
seek Him until His Spirit is big enough in us that our fulness of life can not be robbed by the fear
of people.
     Vince Lombardi said, “But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, his greatest
fulfillment of all he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause
and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.” May that be said of us who have sought
God with all of our hearts on the day that we take our last breath.

     I see the picture of this condemned man. His crimes are horrible. He sits in chains, with sores
festering where the iron has dug deep over the weeks of imprisonment. There in a dark cave like confinement he crouches, not wanting to sit or lay because of the disease infected water and slime. He his paying for high crimes in a rat infested hole where other criminals revile him with cursing insults. He’s diet over the weeks has attacked his body within with parasites and
compromised his immunity that every disease brought in threatens him. There is no pity, no
comfort, no hope. The guards delight in kicking slop into his face, wiping the mud of their boots
off on his face, and punching him with their ironclad wristlets.
     When we think of our sin, our conscience hints at this scene, yet its greatest fears are that
it not mirror the court room scene that sent this other to such an imprisoned fate. Gladly would
it accept the disdain, the low self image for the prison that has a tortured death at its end. Here is a sinner condemned unclean who, once past death, goes to a fate far worse than this prison cell.  Jesus became this sinner condemned unclean.
     He bore it. For love He took it for us. He entered a torment that men fear more than
death. However, His fiery death upon heaven’s approval, by the Father’s willing consent by
love for you - imagine, He allowed this because of love for you - His terrible death was not
without reward. It is by faith in the cross, the horrible punishment and death, that God has
guaranteed by heaven’s signet ring that the blessing of God be given to you. The fire preceded
and guaranteed the glory. It alone carries the glory of God down to mankind.
     When you are threatened with the power of temptation, this death speaks to the darkness.
When you are reviled by a satanic conscience with accusations that are true, this sacrifice stands in the gap between fear and hope. When your memory floods your mind with the assaults of past failures, past abuses, and the torment of worthlessness, this death declares the value of God’s esteem for you - He saw you and sent His son to be a sinner condemned. When you doubt, the fire of God declares that your faith rests not on what you can do, but that this
condemned Creator of the universe who died for you has sufficiently paid for all of the world’s
sins. His death was enough!
     The glory awaits the one who will travail in prayer until he has exchanged his carnal
flesh or a purified spirit. Glory resides close by to be received by the one who will pour out his
soul upon the altar of seeking God that God may then fill that emptied vessel with the thoughts,
emotions, will power and peace of heaven...the very life of Christ filling the shell that the fire has
left behind.
     Willingly relate your own soul to the fire of heaven until prayer has freely, openly
released every care, every motive, every pursuit, every desire to heaven. Willingly act upon the
call to seek God, empty your mind’s thought to the thoughts of God’s promises and purity, and
then the glory of His attitude towards you, His intentions towards your loved ones, and His plans for your church and city will begin to flood in. He will set your heart and mind on a course
that the word, glory, will define. Your own thoughts, intentions, and pursuits can not be
defined as glorious. But His glory will come down with intentions to bless, protect, provide for,
comfort, heal, and propel into a godly purpose. Glory will define your character, your identity,
your desires and hopes, and your value.
     Now I see another dark place. But it is not dark because there is darkness in that place,
but darkness all about us. The edges are dark because I’m looking through a “glass darkly.” As
the scene looks closer towards its center the darkness turns to golden amber colors, with reds and blues and whites intermingled as clouds with beams of moving light. A little closer to the center there is a golden street that proceeds from the bottom which is near towards the top which is far until it disappears into the golden and colored clouds of light. There is vegetation, but more so there are people, mostly walking away, but some turned and looking towards me as I have now entered this place called eternity. I am walking into the mist of forever. The further I walk the further I live the words, “When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun.” 
  The fire has given rise to the glory, and the glory has given visions of eternal life that is all hope
and all faith with no hint of shame and disappointment.
The Power of a Separated Life - Feb. 28th, 2010
When You Fail In Your Committment - March 7th, 2010
   You will be opposed. You will be assaulted. You will become critical. You will be criticized.
You will have defeats. No basketball game is ever won 100 to nothing. No enemy is defeated
without inflicting some hardships, some loses, some wounds. Casualties will mount. You will
lament the defeats, as you should. You will take some hits. You will learn warfare, for it is not
ingrained to naturally be successful at it.
   God will allow some loses, not to punish you, but to prepare you. Your weaknesses in
armor will be exposed in defeat that you may shore them up. “You will deny Me three times
before morning.” Don’t tuck your tail and run when it happens. Learn from it. God is not
against you in the battle. He does not destroy you when the enemy scores a few points. If you
view God as an angry tyrant then your soul will quickly forsake the battle and run to embrace
some other champion, some other idol.
The Honest Secret to Power - March 14th, 2010
   Here is the honest, down to earth secret behind the power to live the Christian life the way it was intended to be lived.  We can know all of the doctrines, agree with all the confessions of faith, and make all of the committments to obedience we want.  But without the river of the fountain of life flowing in us consistently we are not going to make it.  Salvation was never intended to be a doctrine, a dedication to some denomination or its religious rituals.  As someone wrote, "Knowing the pathway will never get you there.  You need to walk down that pathway."
   God promises to give you water in the desert and rivers on the hill tops.  Those can represent the hard places where we don't think we can be what God wants us to be.  In this message is the divine secret needed to drink of the fountain of God and live a full life of dignity and honor.  And if you're the average Christian you may think you know, but you probably don't have a clue as to what that secret is!  But if you do know then you also realize that if you are living it you are in the minority of those who do know how to partake of the power of God.  Curious?
     Jesus said that to take a drink of living water would create a constantly flowing fountain of life. It is this fountain that creates and establishes eternal life in the believer. It is not the doctrines, the religious things or the beliefs of themselves. Eternal life is a function of the spring of life flowing from the inside. Without this flow of life we have no supernatural power over temptations, our personal will, or life's many addictions.
     God has showed us that He will create this river in a desert place. It isn't just for the person who has everything going just right. It's not for the good days only. It's a source of joy and power that is totally independent of our circumstances. Yet we prove how little we are living in this water of life by how easily we are disturbed, disappointed, and frustrated.
     When David was pursued by Saul, he was after one thing - the presence of this fountain of life. He had found that no matter what the threat, the need is for more of God.
Speak To The Rock - March 21st, 2010
     Ezekiel saw the glory of God leave the temple and ascend to the edge of Jerusalem to rest upon the mountains. With the loss of the presence of God an army came and took the city captive - for years. Long standing captivity to chemicals, pleasures, sex, violence, hobbies and selfishness in general continues to grow as people watch an empty church try to wrestle with addictions, sin and the world.
     But then the prophet was given a vision of the return of God's glory and a rebuilding of the temple of God that was free of the abominations that brought people into captivity. It was marked by the River of God that brought healing to whatever it touched. That vision of trusting in the power of God again and learning to drink of the water of life needs to return to the Church. Our power over sin will only be found by letting the Holy Spirit touch the precise areas of our lives where we love the world more than God. When God's people learn how to delight in the fulness of God the Church is going to explode with deliverance for the city it is called to watch over.
Restoration of the River of God - March 28th, 2010
       The experience of the Holy Spirit is a declaration that Jesus is risen from the dead and that your sins have been forgiven. If that reality is going to have an effect on your daily life then the exchange of your old life for God's is going to have to be taken hold of in a very real way. Resurrection life can't happen without a death having taken place. The problem with so many people in their Christian experience is that they haven't given their hearts to God - just their theology, their doctrinal admissions or agreements, and a few dollars on Sunday.
       A real experience with God that lasts and grows requires a faith that an encounter with God is a very real possibility and a very real requirement. Our life is not intended to be an example of what a person can do if he is well educated, well exercised, and self disciplined. Our life is intended to be an example of what God can do through a person who is fully dedicated to Him. When God is experienced on a daily basis in our personal lives we will start seeing a visitation of His power in our church and our community to change people's hearts. The key to a turn around is seeking Him in humble, repentant faith until heaven comes down.
God's Resurrection River - April 4th, 2010
Under a deep anointing of the Holy Spirit this message addressed the reality that the Church was designed to function through the power of God.  Without the fountain of God flowing in the heart of the Church it can not be what God intended.  Reading the book of Acts became like Israel reading the law when they first came out of captivity.  They wept because they saw just how far they had fallen.
     Today the Church has settled for something far less than God intended it to be.  Acts was intended to be a beginning, which it was.  However, as a beginning, the Church was never called to go backwards from the initial outpouring of the Spirit.
     The apostles said that the Spirit was given to those who obey Him.  Without obedience there can be no flow of the River of God's power.  The healing power of the Spirit comes through faith in Jesus as Lord.  That faith is demonstrated when people walk in obedience to His Lordship.  Healing does not come through faith in healing alone.  Faith is intended to be a tool in God's hands to change us, not a tool in our hands to change His mind.
The River of Obedience - April 11th, 2010
     The core belief that removes the power of sin in our lives is the faith that Jesus is Lord. He has come to remove the guilt, the practice, and the consequence of sin for those who embrace Him in their daily life as their Lord. Isaiah said that He took our infirmities. That is our weakness, including the inability to restrain one's life of corrupt things, and the inability to withstand trials. Jesus took it all.
     Jesus as Lord includes His title, Adonai, which means in part, "One who has complete control." When Jesus came to earth to establish His Kingdom, He came destroying the guilt, the practice or power, and the consequences of sin. He did it to establish His Kingdom and His being Lord.
     Sickness is one of the consequences of sin in the world. As I was reading Matthew 10:1 where Jesus gave His disciples power over every sickness and every devil, I sensed the Holy Spirit say, "Get ready." So this video is intended to pass that message on to you. "Get ready!"
The Healing Power of Jesus' Lordship - April 18th, 2010
     Is. 53:5 ‘By His stripes we are healed.’ Heal, rapha, means to thoroughly make whole. He has healed us of our sins. He has taken our weakness upon himself. Afflictions means weaknesses, inabilities, propensity to fail as fallen creatures who were never intended to be sick, discouraged, doubting, and afraid. We weren’t created to be broke, depressed and angry. We weren’t created to be bitter, mentally and physically ill, violent, perverted and addicted. We weren’t meant to have guilt and to beat ourselves every day with condemnation and defeat. Christ has taken that away! He has so thoroughly done it that He has given us a brand new life - a life in the Spirit, filled with the power and peace that existed in His own physical body and soul!
     From Matt. 17 Jesus said, "Oh unbelieving and perverse generation..." It seems that unbelief and perversion go together. It is perverse to doubt God. It is a distorted world view to not live in the power and the healing fulness of God. What we need is to get full enough of God's Spirit that we are not beaten down and blown away by this world's distorted trials.
The Healing River- April 25th, 2010
 A friend of mine told of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Nepal a few weeks ago that was just as it happended on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  Following this a girl who had fallen into a well and been dead for 3 days was raised up by those at this meeting.  Since then, 6 others have been raised from the dead - all by the local people who had been filled with the Spirit.
          "Why Nepal?"  Since this is a land that still persecutes Christians, these people who have sought the Lord have done so under great duress.  Their commitment has to be real and deep.  It is this depth of revelation of who Jesus is that contributes to God blessing them with the fulness of the promise of the Holy Spirit.
           Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do people say that I am?"  That is a question that we need to allow Him to ask us as well.  When we allow God to reveal who Jesus is then the Holy Spirit is released to manifest the promises and the power of God.
The Revelation of Jesus - May 2nd, 2010
The Call to Revival
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