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      I'm going to​ look at the intention of the 'far-left' to turn America into a modified democratic socialist state where the government becomes god and freedom of religion must be destroyed. The ultimate goal of men like George Soros is one world government.
      Many of the elements of the average citizen's concern will be understood as a means to this end, including the exploitation of the death of George Floyd, the protests, riots, Covid-19 government responses, media coverage, and more. 

Updated Aug. 13th as indicated with an *​​

Short definitions:

Liberal – focuses on group equality and establishes rights to achieve humanistic goals including universal education, health care, and welfare; favors identity politics.

​​Both liberal & conservative definitions are extremely fluid with time passing. Each side tries to define the other.
Conservative – focuses on individual rights and values based on religious goals with views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas; favors traditional constitutional processes of addressing societal injustice.
Intersectionality theory – taught on college campuses for years, this says many people are disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression: their race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers. They are living at the intersections of overlapping systems of privilege and oppression; therefore, we must analyze all areas where people are marginalized. (Inequality of outcome is never their fault.)
Identity politics – identifies classes of oppressed and under-privileged people based on intersectionality theory and gives them special rights based on perceived disadvantages and unjustified inequalities and seeks to change the government to further such class privilege.
Social justice – justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

* Racial inequality - is usually defined as imbalances in the distribution of power, economic resources, and opportunities. Racial inequalities have manifested in American society in ways ranging from racial disparities in wealth, poverty rates, housing patterns, and educational opportunities.​​ The approach to racial inequality has become misguided by liberals promoting things like affirmative action that discriminates against those more qualified through the measurement of 'equality of outcome.' This socialistic approach destroys the work, character, and motivational ethics of those who are deserving based upon merit instead of race or gender.

* Equality of outcome - is opportunity provided based upon race, gender, or other demographic where rights, privileges, hiring, etc. are given to equalize the wealth or other measures of a diverse society. For example, if black men are not equally wealthy with white men, they should be given greater opportunities then white men to balance the wealth. This has no regard for ability, talent, work ethic, or character. The MMF in Minnesota has displayed this principle by bailing out criminals of minorities regardless of the facts of the crime. Equality of outcome does not address the real root issues of disparity, rather this socialistic theory destroys society. For more reading
Systemic sin (ie, racism, poverty) – the government system is designed to produce minority failure and by its nature must be overthrown.
Liberation theology – Jesus came to overthrow systemic sin by radical revolution of the government. The main enemy of liberation theology, according to its founder, the Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez of Peru, and many of its adherents, is the United States.

BLM - Black Lives Matter Marxist founders embrace liberation theology, stand against racism, the nuclear family, cisgender privilege, Israel, and promote elevation of all aliens, LGBTQ, and Ella Baker's philosophy of change through group force.

Muslim Socialism - seemingly under the radar to many, the Muslim community has moved with alarming determination to embrace BLM, to get out to vote, and to overthrow our American way of life entirely. Notice the following links. Newsweek​​ ​​ and the Muslim Agenda
Socialism – class-oriented means of wealth generation and distribution focusing on equal pay and benefits for all regardless of quality of performance. Today it uses identity politics to elevate many flawed individuals to equal status with everyone else to guarantee equality of outcome in life benefits while removing inalienable rights of others and minimizing traditional moral defect. Wealth generation via socialism is a well-documented failure, and its wealth distribution is a well-documented clear moral failure, as it ends in the slavery of the populace to the elite government.
Antifa – political militant group opposed to fascism (violent dictatorship) and the far-right, and subscribing to a range of left-wing ideologies such as anarchism, communism, Marxism, social democracy and socialism.

The Short Answer - ​​socialists on the far-left are exploiting both the black community, the pandemic, BLM supporters, and Antifa to create outrage,  fear and a perceived reason to overthrow our government. To accomplish our 'safety', the police and Christianity must be neutralized so the new government elites can enslave the nation as an ultimate welfare state. Venezuela is a good example of where they are headed. Equality of outcome, political deception, gross media bias, liberal education, and wealth redistribution are among tactics being used.
More Complete Definitions:​​​

Socialism - an economic system of financial generation and distribution. It is most fundamentally a pooling of all resources within a group. It's claim is that the worker gets the same financial benefit as the business owner, even though he has not contributed to the assets, company risk, and its liabilities. Prices are not set by the market demand as in capitalism. The gifted, talented,  ambitious entrepreneurs ​​​all lose their incentive, and the economy is crushed. It is a taking from the rich (you as a middle income and above manager) and giving it to both the worker and the lazy non-worker. All production is 'given' to the people, but it is governed by the politicians who have no other skills but to control the money and the people.  It is in practice a plan for the complete slavery of a nation. Scandinavian democratic socialism has an across the board 50% tax, as an example. Venezuela fell into this system after being the 4th richest country in the world. Now, people like you and I are seen dumpster diving for food. More later on this.

The narrative or rationale is, "The government just wants to keep you safe." They'll take away your liberty to keep you safe. Using identity politics, the government will keep all people groups safe. In classic socialism there are two groups, the workers and the elite. In this new American socialism, there are many 'oppressed' groups.  The pursuit of socialism will use fear to establish government need.​​

Communism - the political system that governs the above socialistic economy.  Freedom of religion, travel, and pretty much everything is controlled by the elite government.  I've seen first hand the country of Russia after this system finally fell. Neighbors spied on neighbors. 3rd world status was achieved. The mafia was the common man's best friend to protect him from the low level criminal. Desperation and crime flourished. Bribes are common for any criminal violation.​​

The Left agenda - liberalism and the left focus on the social group and their social rights. Individual liberty is destroyed in favor of the equality of outcome and race​​ where the all-inclusive group takes away the inalienable rights of the  individual. 

The strategy - of accomplishing socialism is seen by what's happening in America now.​​ The leftist socialistic agenda is to accumulate a 51% group of people who are convinced that they are oppressed and unsafe. Thus, there has been an ideology taught from high school through the most elite universities that has chipped away at America's history, economics, and our constitution. This has been the worst on the best campuses in the country. Yale and Princeton graduates were the two Antifa members arrested for fire bombing a police vehicle in Portland. Students on American college campuses have been regularly heard saying "We don't care about freedom of speech or the Constitution!" The more chaos that is now created in our largest cities, the more disenfranchised people will feel. Businesses closing by the tens of thousands, people afraid for their homes and their lives, the populace becoming totally distrustful of present government, is exactly what the socialist wants. The far-left historically racist politician has curried the favor of the black population, backed the BLM and Antifa, controlled the media, misled our youth, willingly backed the destruction of our cities, and exploited the marginalized black community that they themselves oppressed, and are now using their outrage to promote the socialistic slavery of an entire nation. Then they blamed President Trump for the results they fostered. To make matters worse on a local level, people discriminated against in rural areas are angry about this national corrupt narrative and are accusing local communities of something far removed from real local issues of discrimination.

Covid-19 - the enemy of America as we know it is corrupt and has been looking for a tragedy to exploit, and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. When the leftist governments in large cities allow the destruction of their cities, it creates the​​ perfect atmosphere for anarchists to so weaken the country, blame the capitalist and conservative government that hopefully we will vote them out. Liberty has never been taken away in America except in times of war. Today, liberties are being unconstitutionally taken away in the name of "keeping people safe."

​​What we are seeing in America right now is exactly what socialism looks like! California's governor just outlawed home Bible studies! Minnesota's governor outlawed the use of Hydroxychloroquine. Teacher's unions in California are demanding the defunding of the police before they will accept any agreement to teaching this fall. Constitutional rights are being taken away. Minnesota's governor mandated masks, all the while having a standing state statute that makes wearing a mask in public a crime. Social media has been caught censoring conservative posts. People are looking to the government to save them with Christian and non-Christian alike criticizing their leadership because of this.

Socialism's goal - is to make us a welfare state where the government tells you how and who you see as your doctor, where and when you work, how much money you get, and where your rights come from. The government becomes your god, and in every state where socialism has gone forward, religious rights are determined by the state. Prime examples are China, Vietnam, and Cuba. This is just a brief factual overview of what socialism has historically looked like. 

Identity politics - ​​​ there are ‘positive rights’ with the vision that society obtains rights from the group’s social structure. These are established by the group, and enforced, but not God given. They are not inalienable. Inalienable rights, like protecting one's self and freedom of speech, are those any person would claim without the need of governments to grant them. 'Positive' rights come from government force or law.  The 'oppressed, marginalized groups' are identified and used to create socialism's class society. Whereas Communism had 2 classes, this socialism has 8 classes of 'protected' people.' Whatever right you have is given you by the government for the good of the group. Health care for example, or any other service is something the government gives, and you are forced to provide it to all. If you refuse, you are forced, jailed, or worse. The Bill of Rights was made to keep the government from taking away our inalienable rights, therefore this coming revolution has already seen the call to re-write our US Constitution. In line with identity politics and minority rights, anyone who speaks against anything that seems to deny the positive rights of the group, any marginalized group (in their own radicalized mindset), is considered to be using 'hate speech.' In truth, hate speech is anything that socialism hates. Thus, sensitivity training will increase to brain wash people in the politics of identity. 

Personal biblical identity insight - inserted here is that we are going to hear the words, "inclusivity, diversity, equality," until we're sick of it. The identity politics is rooted in man's identity crisis that is as old as himself. Jesus had His identity challenged by the devil, Luke 4. "If you are the Son of God..." God establishes personal identity, "You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." Matt. 16. Identity has become incredibly misguided in America, and without God allowed in society and among our rights of expression, we will see men turn to the government, the media​​, and psychology, and politics will take advantage of all of us. The Bible has all of the answers for people's fear of being discriminated in the work and market places of society: treat everyone as you would be treated, with dignity, love, mercy, and humility. If we reject the Bible, the slavery of socialistic identity politics is what we'll get.

Intersectionality - here is the concept taught in our universities for years as a theory of discrimination against any minority group, minority thought, or minority characterization of race, religion, perception of identity, or other status. It leads to charges of microaggression or unconscious bias. The third element is often macro-aggression or violence. We’ve seen that. It works to bring about the loss of majority rights for the sake of perceived minorities.​

Racism re-defined - all this is at work to marginalize large groups of people in America whereby they will consider themselves oppressed. ​​Racial inequality is now the definition of racism. It is based on the socialistic values of 'equality of outcome.' Wherever there is an inequality of life between a black and a white man, the reason is said to be racial inequality. It is not inequality of education, or unequal skills, unequal opportunities based on geography, etc, unequal work ethics, or lack of responsibility. All of these things are seen as racist white cultural values. By this it is determined that these 'systemic' concepts in our society are indicative of a racist society and system of government and civil life. Anyone who does not actively fight against these principles of work and character issues is a racist. If you are silent, your silence is violence. The more these values are spread in our streets and on our campuses, the sooner we must go into a socialist state. With this in mind, we are therefore seeing high schools throwing out civics classes and western history and defining racism as originating in 1619! Thus our history is wrong and must be re-written.

BLM - is a group whose founders have said clearly that they are Marxists. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto and developed the past century's ​principles of socialism. They have clearly stated that the BLM is against racism, the nuclear family, cisgender privilege, white privilege, Israel's right to exist in conflict with the Palestinian state,​ and is in favor of supporting the LGBTQ agenda, and of elevating the status of all aliens.

Nuclear Family - is a family with a mom and dad and children living under the same roof. BLM and others stand against this. It is seen as one of the elements of the new racism as simply a 'white culture' concept. ​​A family without a father, mother, and children living as God intended greatly weakens a society. The family is the core of a successful nation, and only by its continuing destruction can the socialistic agenda be promoted.

Cisgender - means that if you were biologically born as a male or female, and you now, as an adult, identify yourself as the same sex as at birth, you are cisgender, and you have cisgender privilege. This means that you are, by your silence in supporting LGBTQ rights and not fighting discrimination against them, you have no right to an opinion in public or private debate​​. Of course, the same is true of white privilege. You have no judgement or valid opinion on the matter of racism. You have only advanced in your job, quality of life, and benefits because of your special claimed privileges.

Antifa - are called anti-fascists.​​ They are those who fight against racism, discrimination, and have determined to destroy this systemic racist capitalist system that has embraced western values and history. Their goal is purely socialist. They consist of high school age to ivy league graduates, to university professors, to those with a sense of entitlement, yet most without a work ethic. Their method is simple - they do not want to talk, discuss, or come to any agreement or compromise. They believe in only the power of violence. They are the arm of the far-left to infiltrate BLM protesters and other socialists and use them as excuses and shields just as any other terrorist has done. They have training in violence, are well coordinated, and have specific goals, tactics, and hardware to carry out attacks. Democratic cities and far-left federal government politicians will defend the violence by denying it and calling for their right to protest. Any police action against them is called a violation of their democratic rights. The only plausible explanation is the desire to sacrifice our nation's citizens for the greater good of political pursuits. Destabilize, promote oppression, build fear, and then present socialism as the answer for minority rights.

The U.S. government is there to protect us, and this is their primary job. If the police are defunded, protection is lost, and we owe no allegiance to that government, nor do we therefore owe it our taxes. IF the government is systemically corrupt by design, violence is a righteous response, and thus Antifa fully believes in their right to  violence, often by the best collegiate minds in America! ​​The left agenda has looked for an opportunity for racial division as a reason to spread the propaganda of systemic 'sin' and get rid of the police.

Liberation theology - is actually a decades old theology adopted by many black groups who used it as a rationale for protest and change. Written by a Catholic priest, and soon discredited by the Catholic Church, the premise is that Jesus was a radical who came to overthrow the systemic sin in the nation. The assumption was that poverty was the result of a corrupt system, not the result of a poor work ethic or other unsustainable reasons. The idea was that the problem was not system wide, but it was system design. This is where there has been a grave error in communication today. People say, systemic racism, thinking that the powers that be interpret that as system wide. The reality is that BLM and socialistic propaganda and Antifa see systemic racism as racist by system design. Therefore, the system needs to be overthrown. It can't be fixed because it was never broken. It was designed that way. They say, our US Constitutional Republic was designed to be racist for, after all, it was written by white men. The great fallacy of liberation theology is that Jesus was radical, but in His love and willingness to give himself as a sacrifice for our sins, not to overthrow the government​​ by radical revolutionary violence and re-education of the people.

​​Diversity - Inclusiveness - Equality:  these are among the signal words that identify and subtly introduce a socialistic agenda whereby rights will be enforced by the government instead of rights that are recognized as God-given, or inalienable. They are used to identify so-called marginalized people who by biblical definition are often spiritually lacking. LGBTQ, poverty, police brutality, abortion, and more are among the reasons why people need government enforced rights because they are not God-given inalienable rights. The glaring reality of this is that Christian liberty is the exception. It's called hate speech. But those speaking against Christians are applauded. Their rights are not tolerated in the 'new tolerance.' At the end of the day, it is completely a spiritual war.

KKK - this group became the terrorist arm of the Democratic party. During the civil rights movement, they were sent to the RNC to cheer for the speakers as a ploy to convince the public that the Republican party was racist. Bill Clinton said that it was impossible to move up the ladder in the democratic party unless you were in the KKK. Though Obama was not a member, his agenda was extremely far-left, moving the right to obstructionist politics to resist a socialistic agenda. Obama's community organizing rhetoric helped lay the foundation for giving 'power to the people,' when in reality, it was giving power to the government.​

White Supremacy & The Aryan Nation - the American Nazi party does exist. David Duke supported President Trump because of his immigration stand. Immigration has become a very major factor in the move towards a socialist state, thus the far-left promotion of open borders, the ensuing marginalized and supposedly oppressed minority population, and more Ilhan Omars! ​​ Never mind that these immigrated congressmen supposedly have no opportunities in America - by statistics, the least racist country in the world. The Aryan nation has tried to influence BLM rallies and intimidate black families, and is a group that began in the prison system for protection against black and Hispanic gangs.

Right to bear arms - is under attack through the courts. Attorney generals that are supported by George Soros are attacking those who use arms to defend themselves, as we've seen in St. Louis. The media, controlled almost exclusively by the far-left, has only reported the supporting side of disarming the public, as well as constantly only showing the deaths of minorities. Since we have the right to bear arms, citizens are being charged, arrested, their guns being taken away (as evidence) permanently in many cases.​​ 

The far-left has used the educational system, Antifa, BLM, Covid-19, the media, and many black people who have been unjustly treated. They've been told over and over again that they are victims until they began acting and talking like victims. No wonder they are angry. They have been used and abused for generations, and now they are being used again - this time, being used to legitimize the violence of the far-left and Antifa via identity politics.​​ Yes, there have been openly racist abuses in the past, and it has been horrible. This, however, is a fresh form of using the discrimination of the past in its worst forms and inventing a socialist plan of exploitation. Socialism in Russia resulted in severe forms of racism against black people that is still fully ingrained in their culture today, and is witnessed in many countries as well.

*This is a very brief, incomplete, and still unfolding log of information found through days, weeks, and months of research. Search out any of the definitions. Do your research. There are many differences in political parties, and I'm not interested in pursuing them, or discussing them. The overreaching threat is the impending revolution in America. Democrats and Republicans all have many good ideas, capabilities, and track records. However, the dishonesty of this agenda seems to preclude any trust in those consciously promoting socialism.

It's a narrative! Control the narrative and you control the people. A narrative is not a statement of facts. It is an opinion about the facts with a foundational agenda, in this case, socialism. The core foundation or root beliefs will determine how all the facts are interpreted. It's nearly impossible to change the mind of people with facts if they have a differing foundational belief. Everything on the left seems judged to favor the foundation of nominal social religion and socialism​​. However, the Christian culture and the true American patriot foundation has no place for such corruption of our nation, and they see the facts with a different narrative, one that formed our nation based upon inalienable rights, work ethics, family, moral absolutes, and liberty governed by personal responsibility. Once an unwavering surrender to biblical absolutes and promises begins to erode in families, the decline begins to move forward. America's only hope for our children's future is a genuine heaven sent, repentance based revival of faith in God as our only hope. Otherwise, the narrative will continue to deteriorate towards socialism. We should've never let God be taken out of the schools and the government. That's where the narrative for revolution began.

* Critical observation: Many in our black community are hurting. There is a great need for racial reconciliation. Anger on either side is the answer. People in the white community have a great opportunity to show much needed love, compassion, understanding, and patience with all that is happening in politics, the pandemic responses, and the riots. These issues must not be allowed to drown out God's love toward each of us and through us. The many ways that white politicians over the last centuries have taken a tremendous toll on the black community. Though it has gotten better, the results have contributed greatly to the destruction of their families, which is near the root of the present problem. We need responsible reconciliation and restoration, not the socialist's response of putting economic, and freedom destroying agendas that put band-aids on 'cancer' while ignoring the need for God-given value and equality of respect. We will do no one any good by elevating the broken without fixing the brokenness.​​

Credit: Candice Owens, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'Souza, Charlie Kirk, Ronald Reagan, and many other world leaders and news sources in accumulating this brief on the coming war in America.​​ It will be between Antifa and other socialists against conservatives, Christians, and patriots, with many people caught in the middle. It will fully erupt when President Trump wins in November. Now, I have done my part and will focus on what God is revealing for you in the book of Revelation. It's MUCH more encouraging. What's the all encompassing reason for this? Jesus is about to take back His creation! This is only the pre-game show.

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Today we have an urgent & critical need to understand the roots behind America's battleground.
Most people are only getting bits and pieces, and they are often unable to recognize the motivation and agenda behind many narratives. This page is dedicated to define some of the principle issues and thereby prepare you to better identify how to respond.  By Terry Hartikka July 31, 2020
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Socialism?     Antifa?            BLM?
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