Whether young or old in your Christian walk, are you aware of what Jesus said about eternity?
  This page is an introduction to challenge you to live the life of a disciple of Jesus.
"The Fire" - by Nate Pfeil
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It's time the Church started thinking outside of the box. Lately I've been telling my church, "Please don't make any more Christians. We have too many of them in the world. Jesus never asked us to make them anyway." What we need is genuine disciples of Christ. The first messages in this ministry section talk about what Jesus had
to say about eternal life - not what Christians are thinking and saying.
     Do you have to be born again to be a disciple?
     Do you have to be a disciple to be born again?
     What did Jesus say about it? We need to know, and we need to be able to tell people simply what the Bible says about it.
     Are we disciples because we know what the Bible says a disciple is?
     Do we have to know we're born again to be born again?
     Too much of what we say about eternal life is what we have been traditionally taught and is not founded upon what we have learned by seeking God.
     I believe that our faith has become far too "meeting oriented" instead of being "mission oriented." It's not about being satisfied if we have gone to church.
     Our faith has also become too "event centered" instead being focused on a life journey.  The messages in this section address what Jesus said about eternal life.  It's far more than "simply asking Him into your life!"
Jesus' Teaching About Discipleship & Eternal Life
If you're starting out on your walk with Jesus, this is definately for you.  If you're planning on walking out your purpose on this earth to make disciples, this is also for you.
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