We are an evangelical and charismatic church. In other words, we believe that you need to be born again by repentance and faith in Jesus to have eternal life. As a charismatic church we believe that God still heals people and gives them gifts of ministry. We don't think that charismatic should just be a phrase that describes energetic worship music. It is a belief that you can make a practical and powerful difference in people's lives through the power of God.

We are a non-denominational church. This means that we do not have a state or nation-wide organization that governs our expression of the Bible. However, we do have an accountability through other pastors and leaders in ministry that safeguards our doctrine and practice.

We are an apostolic church. In brief this means that our church is led by an ordained ministry and not by congregational voting or church boards made up of businessmen.

They said I'm supposed to put our vision, philosophy and goals here.  But I'm just going to write something straight from the heart, off the cuff, no editing or polishing here.
      We've pretty much been a "tell it like it is" ministry with no punches pulled back.  We like to spend as much time worshipping the Lord in music and prophetic words as we do listening to a sermon.  The preacher, that's me, usually keeps everyone awake and shares the revelation of the Word during the second half of the service.
       For the last few months, beginning in December of 2009, we've been focused on II Chronicles 7:14 in every service.  It seems that the Holy Spirit has told us that if we can ever live up to this verse that God will show up like we've never seen Him before.
       Most people have a vision for their life and their faith that is far below what God has intended for His Church.  But if we dare take Him at His Word without watering it down, and if we ever dare to face the roots of why we aren't fullfilling this verse, we'll have a revival that will stun the Iron Range.
      Frankly, I'm tired of all of the "half prophecies" that have told us about a revival in the northland.  I call them half prophecies because they don't call the people to account for their sins and unbelief.  They just seem to lead people to wait and wait, but nothing ever happens.  True prophetic words of revival don't focus on waiting for God to
move, but God waiting for us to move - or else.
Real Friends, Real Answers 

I don't know as of this writing if I can ever preach another message except about the River of God.  Jesus said that eternal life would come from the flow of this spring of living water.  He didn't say, "Get the doctrines all right.  Get your believing corrected and go to some certain church.  Then get your traditions all figured out."  This fountain of life is at or near the end of our journey to seek God.
     It seems that what so many have been missing is the awesome delight in the Lord that comes from the fountain of eternal life.  If given a chance, the Holy Spirit will more than satisfy the soul more than our carnal pursuits, hobbies, and preoocupations.
     It seems like the church has been on a "dry drunk."  People have gotten out of some of the more obvious sins and idols, but they're not head over heels in love with Jesus.  They're not putting Him in first place because they really don't enjoy Him on a daily basis.  TV is more relaxing.  Sports are more fun.  But they aren't satisfying the soul and that's when the dry drunk comes out.  The fears are still there.  The depression, anxiety, hurt, unforgiveness and especially lukewarmness are all still there.
     God said that He would create a stream in the desert.  That's the place where most people live with their problems, memories,
anxieties, and doubts.  They're still trying to get joy from the outside.  It's right there in that inner desert that God said He would give us a river of life, and that's what we're in hot pursuit of at Cornerstone!
Ok, So Here's Our Vision
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