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Research Committee Finds Human Error
Research Committee Finds Human Error
   staff reporter:  Terry Hartikka
      Here’s an urgent news bulletin. It has been
discovered that people actually make mistakes. Although
there have been many reports circulating that human
beings are liars, morally deficient even under grace, and
knowingly defraud their brothers and sisters, it has been
finally determined by careful study that Christian people
aren’t perfect.
      There have been numerous accounts of citizens
of heaven having been judged and jailed for intentionally
deceiving their families and friends. This new study, just
now making headlines worldwide, shows that most of
these people have been falsely imprisoned. They haven’t
lied. Nor have they intentionally deceived those close to
      It has taken years of careful research to uncover
what previous generations have known. People make
mistakes. They actually do have the ability to
misunderstand, misread, mishear and generally overlook
certain facts, words and situations.
     This study has also revealed that people generally
know that they themselves make a lot of mistakes. But
specialists in this field have begun to reveal that these
people who make so many mistakes somehow have
developed an inner blockage that prohibits them from
seeing the same frailties in others that they have in
themselves. They know that they make mistakes, but they
are sure that other people intentionally set out to defy and
deceive the world around them.
      As a result of these intricate and highly complex,
hidden blockages people have been known to frequently
and effectively destroy other people’s joy and peace with
accusations of being liars, deceivers, and generally more
stupid then they are.
      Probably the most difficult area of discovery in
this breaking news story is that when most people accuse
others of being morally bad or liars, they don’t use the
word, “Bad,” or “liar.” Politically correct terms have
been rather engaged in calling people down by simply
questioning to others the motives and intentions of those
they suspect.
      It is hoped that this report will help the general
population realize that some people just don’t have as
high an IQ as they do. But they are still well intentioned,
loving, dedicated people. As an example, a study
committee was formed to examine the “Einstein” element
of society, and it was found that what these elite people
actually didn’t know was used to perform genocide on the
general population. In other words, the “Einstein” group
used its vast intellectual powers to destroy those whom it
was mistakenly sure had committed some grievous crime
against them and society.
      One reporter simply put it this way. “It is found
that those whom we accuse of wrong doing are not the
bad people we have made them out to be. We didn’t even
realize we were doing it. We have just given up the
ability to get the simple facts, and we have assumed we
were right and the rest of the world was wrong - though
we would never admit it.”
      The committee on human unrest and deception
also found that most people mistake their frustration for
legitimate spiritual unrest. Because of neural synapses
that have been blocked since childhood these people
respond to their frustrations with assaults on society,
neighbors and loved ones. The human condition doesn’t
allow people to look beyond these maladies in themselves
and others.
      Several experts in the field have cautioned the
general public to refrain from concluding that those
around them have lied, intentionally misled others, or
purposely attempted to carry out their selfish schemes.
Specialists are working on a serum to remedy this
condition, but they remain doubtful that a cure will ever
be found. In the interim the general public is being
encouraged to realize the depths of the plague and take the
following precautionary steps to avoid further outbreaks.
Scientists are hereby trying to avoid implementing a
mandatory quarantine of the general public.
    1. Don’t assume anything without getting the
    2. When you think you have all of the facts, you
    3. Refrain from making judgements about
another person without first having scrutinized your
motives. (Realize that most people are unable to properly
do this.)
    4. Understand that most often your brothers and
sisters do not lie, defraud, deceive or intentionally set out
to hurt you.
    5. Think about the fact that you are forgiven by
God only if you forgive those who do hurt you.
    6. You have hurt more people than you realize,
and they have been gracious enough to let it go.
    7. If you think this alert is about other people and
not you, you could be right. It only applies to people who
are Christians and people who are not Christians. You
might be an alien.
    8. The reason most people falsely accuse others
is because they are unable to handle their own problems
and need someone to blame.
      The report concluded by making the observation
that those in the test group were not helped at all by
reading and understanding this alert. They continued to
be human. It was found that the only known remedy is
out of this world. It is an impossible cure available only
to those who seek the Lord continually. Less than 1% of
known inhabitants of planet earth have been able to be
Scientists find hidden gene that compels people to secretly judge everyone and everything.