Cornerstone Family Church is at the old
MACO Theater on Chestnut Street in
Virginia MN.   Pastor Terry Hartikka has been
here since beginning Sunday services in 1996
and has pastored several churches in Minnesota
since 1979.  As part of the body of Christ we
seek the Lord to find our purpose and the
fullness of God in for lives.  
Come, let us worship Him together!

We are an evangelical and charismatic church.

In other words, we believe that you need to be born again by repentance and faith in Jesus to have eternal life. As a charismatic church we believe that God still heals people and gives them gifts of ministry. We don't think that charismatic should just be a phrase that describes energetic worship music. It is a belief that you can make a practical and powerful difference in people's lives through the power of God.

We are a non-denominational church.

This means that we do not have a state or nation-wide organization that governs our expression of the Bible. However, we do have an accountability through other pastors and leaders in ministry that safeguards our doctrine and practice.

We are an apostolic church.

In brief this means that ourchurch is led by an ordained ministry and not by congregational voting or church boards made up of businessmen.

Helping People Make Sense Out of Life's Problems

From early life in a dysfunctional family, to the streets of Mexico City, Moscow and
main street USA, Pastor Hartikka has found out that behind every problem is the unlimited grace of God. While in Israel, the defining moment was in the desert at the home of former Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. There on a plaque in the ground were the following words. "If Israel is to survive she must not give up the South." The South is the desert wilderness where Israel would learn to survive. Without learning how to overcome in life's hardest places we can not gain the power to keep the blessings given to us.

Faith doesn't always mean freedom from trials but freedom in them. While on a missions trip to Moscow our group found themselves at the maritime prison cell of the Apostle, Paul. There in a sewer near the Colleseum soldiers would be won to Christ amidst the waste water of the crowds above. It was also here that Paul wrote the prison epistles with words such as, "We are seated with Christ in heavenly places." Having been put in a place of great loss, Pastor Hartikka was humbled to see such grace amidst such suffering. It is lessons such as these which shape our message.

Finding God's Positive Purposes In All Things

One of the areas we minister in is healing. Many years ago while bed ridden with something the doctors couldn't figure out God spoke and said, 'I want you to grow in faith for healing.' After weeks of diligently seeking God I knew He could and that He would heal me. It was then that I needed to learn what to do, and my wife said, 'Peter didn't see a miracle at sea until he stepped out of the boat.' There is a time to act on faith without which the miracle may not come.

While preaching healing a visitor had a heart attack and died. While in the presence of Jesus he said he heard the prayers and commands to wake up. Jim said he heard the battle for his soul, and he heard the prayers. It was then that Jesus stretched His hand out and said, 'Wake up.' Though our faith was challenged that day, God was faithful. He really does use our trials to bring His power to others.
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