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Welcome to our website, we have placed a lot of content for faith building, teaching, discipleship series, ministry school, archives of Crosstalk and more.  In todays society our life has become very busy, so much that it sometimes seems like a battle just to find time to spend with God.  Here we have supplied you with several necessary tools to help build your foundation in your relationship with Christ, and establish your identity in Him, so that you can and will go out and give to someone else what you have been given!    Remember it's a journey, so don't forget to pack!  Learn to meditate in God's Word to equip you for discipleship.


 Many have heard the prayer, "Where is the God of Elijah?"  But the question should be, "Where are the Elijah's of God?"  God is looking for those who are willing to 'pray the price' for an encounter with Him that can spill over into the market places and neighborhoods of America.  That price, we are finding, is a severe preparation of faith that will leave no leaf unshaken.  Someone said that the only things truly worth doing are the things that are impossible.  For that to happen God will bring us into impossible situations.  
       If you are there and the trials of this life are pressing you beyond what you can stand, you may be ready for an intense dose of heavenly encouragement.  

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that will encourage and challenge you to walk out your purpose
"Jesus' words about judgement were never intended to make us judgemental but to make us disciples."
Judgement & Eternal life
Establishing Value
The Power of Identity
Entering Eternal Life
A Journey, Not A "Meeting"
"The Gospels, Jesus and Eternal Life"
Click here Archives on the History of Revivals
What every pastor wished every parishoner knew.  What every person  struggling with anger, unforgiveness or   stress needs to know.  This message could save your life.  It'll stop Satan in his tracks and overcome those devouring thoughts.  Do you know that allowing anger to reside within you  causes you to cooperate with your adversary!  Click here
The First Thing that new Christians or those who want to minister to somebody need to read - HERE.

The Way of the Master
Below are several links you can click on for more biblical teaching.
Comfort & Faith Building Video Devotion

Peace In The Storm - Overcoming The Cororna Virus - click here
Part 1 - 
Devotional Series
Sleeping In The Storm - Overcoming The Cororna Virus - click here
Part 2 - Devotional Series
Most of the things that God allows in our lives are going to require some real faith.
Yet faith alone is often not His ultimate goal. 
Sickness, Financial Collapse, Riots - Why Is God Allowing This? - Click here
​Part 3 - ​Devotional Series
Some think we just need to pray & believe to evict the 'enemy.' When I lost my ministry & my health, I had to ask why. Since then, God has been stirring my heart like never before. Most of the Bible is written during times of great challenges. Through them we find out how His people have power over the darkness around them.
Understanding the Players
On Jan. 6th, 2021 The Holy Spirit spoke very clearly - "You've seen what men can do. Now get ready for what I will do.  I'm going to bring this nation to it's knees."
- How to overcome in the coming days
- Learning not to waste your trials
- Finding purpose and healing
- Preparing through finding the glory of God
- Read stories about what Pastor Hartikka faced      & how God used what Satan meant for evil.​​​​
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​ Get ready for what's coming!​